The Podcast (or DocPast)

Podcast B012 Last Christmas – The 2014 Christmas Special > > > >

Capaldi’s first Xmas Special, and it’s Alien meets The Thing meets Inception meets Santa… Mind-bending and awesome!

Podcast B011 2014 Xmas Blooper Reel

Season’s greetings from Who Back When – ‘Tis the 2014 Xmas Blooper Reel!

Podcast N015 New Earth > > > > >

Doc and Rose see a familiar face each, and then square off against cat-nun-nurses and a horde of gross zombies

Podcast A016 The Beast of Orlok > >

It’s Frankenstein meets The Wolfman meets H.C. Andersen meets Jewish folklore meets aliens, set in Germany. Ok…

Podcast B010 The Bees, The Bees, Oh No, Not The Bees!

Bonus-Thanks to our iTunes Reviewers #1

Podcast N014 The Christmas Invasion – The 2005 Christmas Special > > > > >

Tennant’s first proper episode as The Doctor, in which he sleeps a lot, Rose is inconsistent and aliens rock!

Podcast C025 The Gunfighters > > > > >

Two Docs get mixed-up; Steven and Dodo are master pianists; and the whole thing is tied together with the most annoying song in the Wild West.

Podcast B009 The 9th Doctor Retrospective

After reviewing Eccleston’s run as the 9th Doctor, we sat down to discuss the highlights and low-points of Series 1 of the Doctor Who revival.

Podcast N013 The Parting of the Ways > > > > >

Rose is her own Deus Ex Machina, Jackie cashes in a dodgy favour, and we bid farewell to the 9th Doctor.

Podcast N012 Bad Wolf > > >

The Doc escapes from the Big Brother House, Rose knows basic arithmetics, and Captain Jack has an ass-gun.