River Song

The Doctor’s wife and slightly older than her mother, Amy Pond, who was also a companion of the Doctor’s and also tried to shag him, River Song’s real name was Melody Pond, except no one calls her that. Kidnapped as an infant and brainwashed to murder The Doctor, River Song grew up to become a sonic-wielding badass and veritable Indiana-Jones/Mata-Hari transporter accident.

Podcast N130 The Husbands of River Song > > > > >

Decapitation, Cuckoldry and Rock Opera are but three of the romantic elements of this Christmas Special

Podcast B062 The Eleventh Doctor Retrospective > > > >

Bow ties ARE cool. We discuss Matt Smith’s run as The Eleventh Doctor.

Podcast N093 The Angels Take Manhattan > > > > >

A giant demon statue that no one notices, a paradox hotel and an easily avoidable companion farewell.

Podcast N086 Closing Time > > > > >

Subterranean Cybermen on a Shopping Spree and A Stormageddon in a Teacup

Podcast N081 A Good Man Goes To War > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

The Centurion returns, River Song drops a massive spoiler and bowties are infinitely preferable to monastic neckties.

Podcast N076 Day of the Moon > > > > >

Our heroes draw reminders in places they can’t see without a mirror, telepathic beepers are manually operated, and River goes full-on John Woo

Podcast N075 The Impossible Astronaut > > > > >

The gang goes to The States where Nixon’s a pretty nice guy and there are creepy Men in Black in the Ladies’ Room.

Podcast B043 NewWho Series 5 Retrospective > > >

Having just reviewed Series 5 of NewWho, we sat down to share some of our opinions and impressions of Matt Smith’s inaugural season as The Doctor.