The Thirteenth Doctor

The Thirteenth Doctor stirred up stuff by being a woman — Oh, my! — and having companions who weren’t all just white, English dudes — Say what?! ‘Is this even Doctor Who anymore?’ some ask. Well, yeah, duh, you idiots, of course it is! Say what you will about Whittaker’s Doctor, the show took on a new, often refreshing tone with Chibnall as show-runner. We just wish The Doctor didn’t use her sonic all the bloody time and that some of the episodes were a little better written…

Podcast B092 The Thirteenth Doctor Retrospective

A deep-dive into the successes (and failures) of a Doctor, a show runner and an era of Doctor Who.

Podcast A033 Doctor Who: Redacted > > > > > > > >

We’re thrilled to learn that Doc herself listens to Doctor Who podcasts!

Podcast N174 Legend of the Sea Devils — The 2022 Easter Special > > > > > >

Countless plot holes, and two wasted historicals land this not-so-Special somewhere in the bottom-two of the Whittaker era

Podcast N173 Eve of the Daleks — The 2022 New Year’s Day Special (re-review) > > >

Happy New Year, Whittaker era! And how better to celebrate than with beefy beans and countless countdowns?

Podcast N172 The Vanquishers (Flux, part 6) > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Three Doctors, Time personified, and the undoing of pretty much every single character arc this season

Podcast N170 Village of the Angels (Flux, part 4) > > > > > > >

Not wholly sensical, but probably the best use of Weeping Angels since Blink!

Podcast N168 War of the Sontarans (Flux, part 2) > > > > > > > > > >

A pluri-temporal tater invasion splinters the fam across history while the baddies provide time stream tech support