The Stenza were a warrior race whose naturally freezing body temperature could in fact be used to kill humans, just by touch. They would remove a tooth from all their victims and implant it on their face as a trophy. Gross.

Podcast N154 The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos > > > > >

The tooth fairy returns with an oversimplified god complex and acolytes who don’t seem to realise THEY’RE the creators

Podcast N145 The Woman Who Fell To Earth > > > > >

A brand new Doctor, show runner and aesthetic, no TARDIS, different music. Oh, and new troops. No, not troops. Team. Gang. Fam? Either way, it’s a solid start for the Thirteenth Doctor.

Podcast B049 The Jodie Whittaker Debut > > > > >

She has arrived! Tune in to our in-depth conversation about Jodie Whittaker’s debut as The Thirteenth Doctor.