The people of Mondas “enhanced” themselves out of desperation and over the course of generations became the Cybermen we know today. Robotic drones, bent on converting all humanoid life to join their ranks, the Cybermen are the Borg of the Whoniverse, or rather the other way around.

Podcast C154 Silver Nemesis > > > > > > >

Les Visiteurs meets The Boys in Brazil with Cybermen and archery

Podcast N164 Ascension of the Cybermen > > > > > > > > >

Doc ditches the fam at the end of the Cyber Wars and Irish Moses grows up to be the village super cop

Podcast N163 The Haunting Of Villa Diodati > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

A chilling new nemesis in search of a firmware upgrade terrorises a literary coterie at the absolute zenith of its creativity

Podcast A032 The Gathering > > >

A trilogy of cybertronic audio adventures meanders towards a decline and we can’t help but object to the fate of two legendary Classic companions

Podcast C138 Attack of the Cybermen > > > > > > >

Discount Danny Ocean, Ice Capades and Decapitations Galore make up this glorious return to Telos

Podcast A031 The Reaping > > >

The Sixth Doctor and Peri head to Baltimore to attend a funeral, indulge in breathing exercises and potentially save mankind in the process.

Podcast N143 The Doctor Falls > > > > >

The Genius Twins are the least of Bill’s and Doc’s worries in this highly divisive episode

Podcast A030 The Harvest > > > > >

Despite body horror and mild Brexit propaganda, we fall head over heels for the Seeeeeeeeventh Doctor as he squares off against Euro-Combine Harvesters