Ryan Sinclair

One of arguably too many companions of the opening TARDIS team of the Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan Sinclair was an engineer in spe and the step-grandson of Graham O’Brien. Allegedly suffering from dyspraxia, his condition received very little screen time beyond his opening scene.

Podcast N153 It Takes You Away > > > > > >

A frog convinces the worst dad in Norway to reenact the plot of The Village in an emotionally complex story with a lot of retro-rewrite potential

Podcast N152 The Witchfinders > > > > > > >

Will The King’s pricker stand a chance against good old-fashioned Lancashire mud?

Podcast N151 Kerblam! > > > >

The Head of People tears the Heads of Robots in this unexpectedly divisive episode

Podcast N150 Demons of the Punjab > > > >

We learn about the Partition of India, while multi-ocular members of the band Lordi scare the heck out of anyone dying alone.

Podcast N149 The Tsuranga Conundrum > > > > > > >

An overlooked Futurama reference and the literal handwaving of interplanetary navigation whilst wearing marigolds. Not bad!

Podcast N148 Arachnids in the UK > > > >

Mr Big Bad’s new hotel is infested by mutant spiders, and only Sheffield’s sickest grime station can flush them out

Podcast N147 Rosa > > > > >

A beautiful episode, in which Racist Danny Zuko plots to disrupt the US civil rights movement in possibly the most convoluted way imaginable

Podcast N146 The Ghost Monument > > > > > > >

Smokey and The Bandit introduce The Doctor and her companions to the Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World of rubbish snipers and sentient offcuts

Podcast N145 The Woman Who Fell To Earth > > > > >

A brand new Doctor, show runner and aesthetic, no TARDIS, different music. Oh, and new troops. No, not troops. Team. Gang. Fam? Either way, it’s a solid start for the Thirteenth Doctor.