Podcast N156 Spyfall, Part 1 (re-review) > > > > > > > > >

The Doctor’s nemesis returns as a chap with mommy issues conspires with extra-dimensional beings to turn humankind into wifi hard drives!

Podcast C142 Timelash > > > > > >

An alien demi-lizard in the future dispatches Blue Man Group androids to kidnap Peri, while exiling non-conformist subjects to 19th century Scotland

Podcast C141 The Two Doctors > > > > >

The Second Doctor is back and teaming up with The Sixth against alien gluttons and bearded Sontarans in Seville

Podcast N154 The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos > > > > >

The tooth fairy returns with an oversimplified god complex and acolytes who don’t seem to realise THEY’RE the creators

Podcast C140 Mark of The Rani > > > > > >

New Exiled Time Lady in town, The Rani, teams up with The Master in a bid to siphon brain juice from human heads, plot global domination and/or turn people into trees

Podcast N153 It Takes You Away > > > > > >

A frog convinces the worst dad in Norway to reenact the plot of The Village in an emotionally complex story with a lot of retro-rewrite potential

Podcast C139 Vengeance on Varos > > > >

Team TARDIS and James Bond Jr go full Running Man, battling militarised mobility scooters and diaper zombies

Podcast B082 NewToWhoBackWhen, Part 1

Steven of New To Who fame popped round Oxford for a couple of days and a lot of Whovian bants ensued

Podcast N152 The Witchfinders > > > > > > >

Will The King’s pricker stand a chance against good old-fashioned Lancashire mud?