Podcast A033 Doctor Who: Redacted > > > > > > > >

We’re thrilled to learn that Doc herself listens to Doctor Who podcasts!

Podcast B090 The Eighth Doctor Retrospective

Join us for an evening of discussing, debating and flat-out fawning over the utterly sensational Eighth Doctor

Podcast C160 Doctor Who: The Movie > > >

Doctor Who regenerates into a one-off on the little big screen and heads across the pond in our very last Classic Who review

Podcast N174 Legend of the Sea Devils — The 2022 Easter Special > > > > > >

Countless plot holes, and two wasted historicals land this not-so-Special somewhere in the bottom-two of the Whittaker era

Podcast B089 The Seventh Doctor Retrospective > >

Having reviewed all the the Classic TV serials, we sit down with cocktails and a guest expert for a look back on the tragically brief Seeeeventh Doctor Era.

Podcast N173 Eve of the Daleks — The 2022 New Year’s Day Special (re-review) > > >

Happy New Year, Whittaker era! And how better to celebrate than with beefy beans and countless countdowns?

Podcast C159 Survival > > > >

The Master channels Salem to recruit a Rex Kwon Do class as human catnip. Dear God, Ace, get some actual friends!

Podcast B088 Tenth (10th!!) Anniversary Bloopers

Sweet Buttery Kablammos, we’ve been DocPasting for a decade!!!

Podcast N172 The Vanquishers (Flux, part 6) > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Three Doctors, Time personified, and the undoing of pretty much every single character arc this season

Podcast C158 The Curse of Fenric > > > >

Zompires, Nicholas Parsons, and the most awkward seduction in Classic Doctor Who