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She has arrived! Tune in to our in-depth conversation about Jodie Whittaker’s debut as The Thirteenth Doctor.

Recorded the day after Jodie Whittaker’s amazing debut as The Thirteenth Doctor in the Season 11 opener The Woman Who Fell To Earth, we sat down to record our thoughts.

There are so many new elements to the show to enjoy and/or debate. Brand new companions, new show runner, new writers, and, finally, a female Doctor! We couldn’t wait to get into this one.

Note that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill NewWho review. Fret not, Podcastland, we’ll review this episode in depth when we get to it in our NewWho channel. In the meantime, feast your earballs on this magnificent Bonus Episode!

In addition to the expected topics of conversation, such as…

  • The new Doctor
  • The new sonic screwdriver
  • The new outfit
  • The new companions
  • The new theme music

… here are just a few of the things that we discuss in this bonus episode:

  • Is this Doctor Who for the Netflix generation?
  • Does an ensemble cast add to, or detract from, Doctor Who?
  • Why name drop all those actors after the episode?
  • Why would you teach someone how to ride a bike on a cliff?

Listen now and let us know in the comments below if you agreed or disagreed!

Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor with companions Ryan Sinclair Graham O'Brien and Yasmin Khan

Here's what you think One Response to “B049 The Jodie Whittaker Debut”
  1. JimTheFish

    The first episode was different (which is good) but it didn’t really feel like Doctor Who. None of the elements that I always associate with the show (intro/theme, tardis, classic callbacks, etc.) were there. And stuff that was included (the sonic and Doctor) were so different that it was hard to get that “WHO” feeling.

    Also, I don’t see why people are saying The Doctor is so different this time. Aside from her being female, all I see are things that other Doctors did to.
    “She’s outgoing and fun!”
    – Yeah, so were Tennant and Smith.
    “She jumped off a crane to save someone!”
    – 10 jumped out of a spaceship.
    “She’s so smart: she built her own Sonic!”
    – I know 12 other Doctors that built things from nothing.
    – Yes, yes she is.

    Look, I’m not saying she’s awful. I just think people are over-hyping her character because:
    A) If they say they don’t like her they’ll be called sexist.
    B) The hype for the show has convinced them that she’s great.
    C) A majority of the people who like her are new and haven’t seen the show before.

    I know that it was only her first episode, and things could improve over time. But even the other Doctors had great introductions. And hers was, well, bland.


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