The Podcast (or DocPast)

Podcast B018 The First Doctor Retrospective

It all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard. Time to review the highlights and low-points of The First Doctor.

Podcast N023 The Satan Pit > > >

Ass-shots, vent farts and a fire-breathing ethicist.

Podcast B017 Capaldi’s Series 8 Retrospective (Part II) >

A moon dragon, a bush junkie and the Master who could have been. It’s our look back on Capaldi’s Series 8 (Part 2)

Podcast B016 Capaldi’s Series 8 Retrospective (Part I) >

A dinosaur, the afterlife and a badass new Doctor. It’s our look back on Capaldi’s Series 8 (Part 1)

Podcast C031 The Highlanders > > > >

The Doctor pretends to be German, disguises himself as an old lady and commits fraud in soon-to-be-a-companion Jamie’s first ever serial

Podcast B015 2nd Anniversary Blooper Reel

Holy Smokes! Who Back When is 2 years old! It must be time for some celebratory bloopers.

Podcast N022 The Impossible Planet > > >

Ood, Electric Brain YoYos, and demonic, temporary tattoos.

Podcast C030 The Power of The Daleks > > > >

Multiplying Daleks and surveillance fruit on the planet Vulcan? I’m in.

Podcast N021 The Idiot’s Lantern > > > >

A large hat is about to be placed on a little lady while the rest of us are being turned into faceless drones.

Podcast C029 The Tenth Planet > > > >

Cybermen make their first appearance on Doctor Who, and William Hartnell his last (for a while), in this legendary classic serial.