N084 The Girl Who Waited

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Amy splits off to her own time stream where she becomes a samurai hacker and turns Rory into the helpless robot she always wanted. It’s great!

The Eleventh Doctor takes companions Rory and Amy Pond to the planet of Apalapa-shamalamadingdong, home of the second-best views in the known universe and none of those pesky coffee shops.

Alas, a disease beat them to it and now the whole planet is a temporally shifted Swiss death clinic, run by Dolores Umbridge and a trigger-happy staff of anaesthesiolodroids.

When Amy gets inadvertently split off onto a compressed time line, Matt Smith goes on holiday and Rory is sent in with a pair of not-quite-sonic glasses to find his wife.

In the hour that’s passed, however, Amy has spent about 36 years on Apalapa-shamalamadingdong and now Rory needs to tell her he’s really not into older women without her turning him into a eunuch with her samurai sword.

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