Rory Williams

Rory Williams, the man who waited, the lone centurion, possibly the most patient and/or masochistic husband in the Whoniverse. Husband of Amy Pond, nurse, total hero. He also featured in a little Doctor Who Audio Adventure called ‘Operation Pandorica’, which we implore you to check out.

Podcast B062 The Eleventh Doctor Retrospective > > > >

Bow ties ARE cool. We discuss Matt Smith’s run as The Eleventh Doctor.

Podcast N093 The Angels Take Manhattan > > > > >

A giant demon statue that no one notices, a paradox hotel and an easily avoidable companion farewell.

Podcast N092 The Power of Three > > > > > > > > >

A helmet-less Vader, Trojan Horse cubes and one of our favourite fan theories to date!

Podcast N091 A Town Called Mercy > > > > >

A Robocop prequel unfolds as The Doctor turns innocent bystanders into human shields to protect a fellow war criminal

Podcast N089 Asylum of the Daleks > > > > > > >

Dalek zombies, vegan-friendly soufflés and Democracy of the Daleks!

Podcast B054 Pond Life > > > > > >

We spend twenty minutes dissecting five minutes of webisode Who.

Podcast N086 Closing Time > > > > >

Subterranean Cybermen on a Shopping Spree and A Stormageddon in a Teacup