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Reviews, bloopers and BTS of Operation Pandorica

What-ho, Podcastland!

As you may know, we recently released our very own Doctor Who Audio Adventure, Operation Pandorica.

We had a tremendous lot of fun recording it and obviously a few takes didn’t quite make it to the final product. Consequently, we bid you to behold The Operation Pandorica Blooper Reel!

Operation Pandorica didn’t have quite the impact on popular culture that we may have been hoping for. Nevertheless, some of you out there in Podcastland reached out to let us know how you felt about it. The esteemed Peter Z himself even wrote an in-depth review!

Thus, preceding this blooper reel is a selection of those reviews and listener comments — partly our way of saying thank you, but also of whetting your appetite and hopefully swaying you to give Operation Pandorica a listen, should you still be on the fence.



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