Blog System Notation

“Right now, I’m alone.” — A data log was found in a colony in the future. This is what it contained.

Blog The Eighth Doctor: An Episode Guide

If you’re hungry for more adventures, you just have to know where to look.

Blog It Came From The Backrooms

Zoey Fleetwood finally gets to meet the Doctor! But will her first impression go as smoothly as she hopes?

Blog Don’t Y’all Think This Is A Little Weird? — A Discussion on Romance in Doctor Who

Ever wondered why the Doctor seems to keep falling in love with suspiciously young women?

Blog You Need to Listen to This Short Story

No fancy writing this time. I’m just going to give it to you straight up.

Blog The Wasted Journey

Susan is reunited with her grandfather once again! But will things go as smoothly as he would hope?

Blog Who Will Survive?

A simultaneous sequel to the ‘Five Doctors’, ‘The Timeless Children’, ‘The Trial of a Timelord’, and Japanese cult classic ‘Battle Royale’

Blog Chris McKeon: Endings

I see the end of an incarnation’s lifetime as when a writer has the most to use within the character to express full range of characteristics.

Blog The Ten Doctors: Which is Better?

Did you know there was a “The Ten Doctors”, let alone three of them?!

Blog Theta Sigma and the Order of the Prydonians

During the Gallifreyan holiday of Otherstide, secrets are revealing themselves. Who exactly is this “Theta Sigma”?