Bonus Episodes

Podcast B098 Eleventh (11th!!) Anniversary Bloopers

Holy Bananas and Cheesecakes, how can we still be blooping after eleven years?!

Podcast B097 Series 14 (Season 1) Predictions and Bants >

With the new season steadily approaching, we discuss our predictions, hopes and fears

Podcast B096 The Fourteenth Doctor Retrospective > > >

Tennant is back, inexplicably yet fabulously, prompting a customary, cocktail-fuelled retrospective

Podcast B095 The 2023 New Year’s Eve Bloops

Happy New Year! Here’s a glimpse at some of the bits that didn’t go quite as planned

Podcast B094 The Who Back When Retrospective, Part 2

We’re joined by legendary Whovian, jD, as we continue our trip down that temporal road

Podcast B093 The Who Back When Retrospective, Part 1

Join us as we reflect on a ten-year trip down that temporal road

Podcast B092 The Thirteenth Doctor Retrospective

A deep-dive into the successes (and failures) of a Doctor, a show runner and an era of Doctor Who.

Podcast B091 The Unofficial Anniversary Specials > > > > > > > > > > >

Two wildly different milestone stories, neither canonical, one rather pants, the other quite amazing. All right, here we go!

Podcast B090 The Eighth Doctor Retrospective

Join us for an evening of discussing, debating and flat-out fawning over the utterly sensational Eighth Doctor

Podcast B089 The Seventh Doctor Retrospective > >

Having reviewed all the the Classic TV serials, we sit down with cocktails and a guest expert for a look back on the tragically brief Seeeeventh Doctor Era.