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With the new season steadily approaching, we discuss our predictions, hopes and fears

We’ve now been treated to no less than TWO trailers for the upcoming Series 14 of Doctor Who, and so we sat down for a boozy (well, for one of us) evening of predictions and general pondering. 

  • How excited are we about the new series, and why?
  • How many Bridgerton references do we think there will be in the Bridgerton episode?
  • Is Agent Smith a colleague of Captain Jack’s?
  • Whom is Jinx Monsoon’s character playing and how do they fit into the endless hierarchy of hinted-at baddies?
  • Is Mrs Flood secretly The Rani? Is everyone?!
  • And Series 14 or Season 1?

This and more await, Podcastland. Have a listen as we get back in the podcasting saddle!

For your convenience, here are the trailers:

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