N086 Closing Time


Subterranean Cybermen on a Shopping Spree and A Stormageddon in a Teacup

The Colchester outlet of the Sanderson & Granger department store is suffering from a series of electrical problems. If only Britain didn’t have so much wall-to-wall talent overloading people’s eyeballs, maybe someone would notice that people are busy disappearing at the same time!

Meanwhile, the Doctor’s on one of his shorter farewell tours of recent years, and has rocked up to see one of the few friends he made whose life he didn’t ruin, lovable schlub Craig Owens, to see if he can finally complete the set before his time’s up.

Now Doc, Craig, and Stormageddon Dark Lord of All are in a race against time we need for foreshadowing to get this mystery wrapped up so that Eleven can make his appointment with death at Lake Silencio tomorrow

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