Sarah-Jane Smith

The most iconic companion of the Doctor’s, some would say – certainly in Classic Who – Sarah-Jane Smith was an investigative reporter whose cleverness seemed to render her immune from the tribunals of U.N.I.T., since she was rather freely allowed to roam their HQ. Travelling at first with The Third Doctor, she continued her adventures with The Fourth Doctor until she was left in not-quite-Croydon following a run-in with the Mandragora Helix. She’d return to meet The Tenth in School Reunion, of course, and go on to get her own spin-off, The Sarah-Jane Adventures.

Podcast C087 The Hand of Fear > >

Thing T. Thing sports mind-bending bling, leading to the dramatic exit of companion Sarah Jane Smith

Podcast C086 The Masque of Mandragora > > >

It’s Italian Hamlet with sprinkles of The Daemons and a strange, hay-bearing lake

Podcast C085 The Seeds of Doom > > >

“The Thing” meets “Day of the Triffids” with elements of 007, and perhaps the greatest Doctor Who serial ever

Podcast C084 The Brain of Morbius > > > > >

Despotic Time Lord Morbius is resurrected as a Fishbowl-Claw-Monster to… take over the universe?

Podcast C083 The Android Invasion > > > > > > >

Doc and Sarah match wits with finger-blasting androids and two walnuts from space planning to invade Earth

Podcast C082 Pyramids of Mars > > > >

A legendary serial featuring a poacher sandwiched twixt buxom mummies.

Podcast C081 Planet of Evil > > > >

Predator Admiral Ackbar, another disco werewolf, and a ménage-à-granddad

Podcast C080 Terror of the Zygons > > > > > > >

The trustee of the Golden Haggis Lucky Dip commands a lactating Loch Ness Monster in a bid to destroy the environment

Podcast C079 Revenge of the Cybermen > > > > > >

An imbecile, a Glitter Gun, and not the Seal of Rassilon