The Ninth Doctor

One-season-wonder, the Ninth Doctor was portrayed by Christopher Eccleston when NewWho first came out in 2005 and made a splash as the crazy, zany, fun and PTSD-suffering Time Lord. We would have loved to have seen him in more seasons!

Podcast N006 Dalek > > >

The Doctor tries to save a life, then end it at all costs, while Rose takes the moral high-ground, and also gets a new boyfriend.

Podcast N005 World War Three > > > >

Part 2 of the farting aliens saga, in which The Doctor jeopardises Rose’s life and UNIT employs the dumbest password ever.

Podcast N004 Aliens of London > > > > >

The Doctor takes Rose back to London and traumatises her mother, while flatulent aliens stage a coup.

Podcast N003 The Unquiet Dead > > >

Doc and Rose accidentally materialise in Cardiff and go Ghostbusting with Charles Dickens.

Podcast N002 The End of The World > > > > > > > >

The Doc takes Rose to the End of the World, but there’s no restaurant there.

Podcast N001 Rose > > > >

The doctor gets a facelift and a brand new companion in this opener to the 2005 revival.

Podcast B004 Commentary Track – Rose > > > >

BONUS audio commentary track for ‘Rose’, in which Eccleston is introduced as the Doctor and Rose charms our socks off!

Podcast B002 50th Anniversary Special > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Has it been half a century already? I joined über-fans Gina and JD to chat about the con, cosplay, panel talks and The Night/Day of the Doctor.