N006 Dalek

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The Doctor tries to save a life, then end it at all costs, while Rose takes the moral high-ground, and also gets a new boyfriend.

The Doctor and Rose materialise in an underground museum in Utah, where all manner of alien artefacts are collected and stored by Mr Van Statten, deranged megalomaniac, torture overseer and owner of the Internet.

They pretty much immediately get captured, and Rose gets pawned off to future-temporary-companion and token-English-guy, Adam, while Van Statten takes The Doc to see, and hopefully identify, the prize of his collection. Transpires, Van Statten’s got himself a Dalek. The last Dalek, to be precise.

And if/when it gets out of its rusty chain restraints, it’s probably not likely to be too pleased about all the torture it has had to endure for the past Time Lord knows how long a time…


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One Response to “N006 Dalek”

  1. Davis | @ShrubThe

    This serial is one of my favorites from Series One. In fact, when I first started watching the show, all I knew about it were Daleks and the Doctor. So I spent the entire first half of that season waiting for this episode, and I was not disappointed.

    When I first watched this serial, I didn’t really know what Daleks were. I knew they were the most famous aliens from Doctor Who but nothing else. When I saw this episode, I had to agree that they were awesome. While I don’t think they are scary, I loved the design, the voice, and the need to kill. I think it is probably fair to say that this episode is what established my love for the show.

    I don’t have too much more to say about the episode, other than continuing on about how awesome it was. Instead, I’ll skip straight to my score. I give it a 4.8, because i loved everything, but the ending was a little cheesy.


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