The Fifth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor, portrayed by Peter Davison from 1981 to 1984, was a happy-go-lucky chap and expert bowler (that’s cricket, mind) with a stick of celery tucked in his lapel and question marks on his collar. He’d return for specials, including in the Children In Need one with Tennant

Podcast C128 Enlightenment > > > > > >

Who set up this boat race? What happened to any of the participants? Did Doc know all along? We require enlightenment!

Podcast C127 Terminus > > > > > > > >

Three wasted pincers, not how levers work, and Splinter King-Kongs Nyssa before she inexplicably exits the show

Podcast C126 Mawdryn Undead > > > > >

Two Bagels, one moustache. Doc & Co are split across time in the first part of the Black Guardian Trilogy

Podcast C125 Snakedance > > > >

Tegan is possessed by a slithering bonehead and Doc and Nyssa must face off against an old foe in this sequel to Kinda

Podcast C124 Arc of Infinity > > > > >

Lord Buckethead attempts to bond with Doc’s molecules, but a surprise Colin Baker totally steals the show

Podcast C123 Time-Flight > > > > >

The Master wants to steal an ancient, omniscient space race to use it as an engine for his TARDIS

Podcast C122 Earthshock > > > > >

Adric’s maths badge finally pays off and Team TARDIS commits Dinocide

Podcast C121 Black Orchid > > >

A ripping performance and a whodunnit in which we know whodunnit

Podcast C120 The Visitation > > > > >

A highwayman helps Team TARDIS defeat pandemic-plotting dinosaurs and their disco robot

Podcast C119 Kinda > > > > > >

It’s colonialism in the garden of Eden meets a Commedia dell’Arte rendition of Transpotting