The Fifth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor, portrayed by Peter Davison from 1981 to 1984, was a happy-go-lucky chap and expert bowler (that’s cricket, mind) with a stick of celery tucked in his lapel and question marks on his collar. He’d return for specials, including in the Children In Need one with Tennant

Podcast C124 Arc of Infinity > > > > >

Lord Buckethead attempts to bond with Doc’s molecules, but a surprise Colin Baker totally steals the show

Podcast C123 Time-Flight > > > > >

The Master wants to steal an ancient, omniscient space race to use it as an engine for his TARDIS

Podcast C122 Earthshock > > > > >

Adric’s maths badge finally pays off and Team TARDIS commits Dinocide

Podcast C121 Black Orchid > > >

A ripping performance and a whodunnit in which we know whodunnit

Podcast C120 The Visitation > > > > >

A highwayman helps Team TARDIS defeat pandemic-plotting dinosaurs and their disco robot

Podcast C119 Kinda > > > > > >

It’s colonialism in the garden of Eden meets a Commedia dell’Arte rendition of Transpotting

Podcast C118 Four to Doomsday > > > > > > >

Semi-immortal frog robots in green velvet just won’t let Bigon be Bigon!

Podcast C117 Castrovalva > > > > > >

It’s a Doc in a box! Our brand new Doctor gets carried away while The Master seemingly gets his plans A and B mixed up

Podcast C116 Logopolis > > > > > > >

It’s the end of an era. We get a new Master, a new companion, and a newish companion. Alas, we lose one of the most beloved Doctors in the process.

Podcast B059 The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot > > > > > > > >

Three Classic Doctors execute an elaborate plan to infiltrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who