Nestene Consciousness

An intelligence capable of manipulating, and itself comprised of, plastic, the Nestene Consciousness is the intelligence behind the Autons.

Podcast C051 Spearhead from Space > > > > >

We get space quaffles, the mannequin challenge and some good old-fashioned tentacle porn in Pertwee’s first go as The Third Doctor

Podcast N001 Rose > > > >

The doctor gets a facelift and a brand new companion in this opener to the 2005 revival.

Podcast A009 Brave New Town > > >

The Doc and Lucie materialise in Suffolk, Uzbekistan, and find themselves pinned twixt tank-driving mercenaries and some very autonomous villagers.

Podcast B004 Commentary Track – Rose > > > >

BONUS audio commentary track for ‘Rose’, in which Eccleston is introduced as the Doctor and Rose charms our socks off!