Classic Who reviews

Podcast C160 Doctor Who: The Movie > > >

Doctor Who regenerates into a one-off on the little big screen and heads across the pond in our very last Classic Who review

Podcast C159 Survival > > > >

The Master channels Salem to recruit a Rex Kwon Do class as human catnip. Dear God, Ace, get some actual friends!

Podcast C158 The Curse of Fenric > > > >

Zompires, Nicholas Parsons, and the most awkward seduction in Classic Doctor Who

Podcast C157 Ghost Light > > > >

An evolution-crazed diorama fan with a Neanderthal butler plots to take over the British Empire from his haunted mansion. And, wait, Ace was an arsonist?!

Podcast C156 Battlefield > > > > > > >

Inter-dimensional Arthurian warfare, helicopter ear sanitation and a demon’s wet mouth

Podcast C155 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy > > > > > > > > >

Doc and Ace appear on Ragnarok’s Got Talent and allegedly it’s an allegory of Doctor Who itself

Podcast C154 Silver Nemesis > > > > > > >

Les Visiteurs meets The Boys in Brazil with Cybermen and archery

Podcast C153 The Happiness Patrol > > > > >

Margaret Thatcher’s husband runs away with the baker’s apprentice and the indigenous species receives zero reparations

Podcast C152 Remembrance of the Daleks > > > > > >

Doc Fluxes Skaro in the final Dalek story of Classic Who

Podcast C151 Dragonfire > > > > >

The 3,000-year-old supervisor of a shopping mall uses a hypnosis doubloon to recruit henchmen in a serial that channels iconic moments from 80s cinema.