N002 The End of The World

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The Doc takes Rose to the End of the World, but there’s no restaurant there.

Ok, so The Doctor takes Rose to the year 5,000,000,000, largely because allegedly nothing of interest happens between now and then. It’s the End of the World, which is a slightly hyperbolic way of saying the Earth is about to be kablammo’d. And Doc and Rose have a spiffing view of the proceedings, as they’ve materialised aboard a space station that not only orbits the planet, but that also plays host to a gathering of galactic VIPs who are there to enjoy the show.

They meet a range of aliens et al, including ‘The Face of Boe’ (!), the last surviving “human”, Lady Cassandra O’Obrien.Δ17, and a pretty dang foxy tree named Jabe. But then, wouldn’t you know it, something bad happens. Weird metallic spiders from the set of Minority Report have infiltrated the space station and are alternating between sabotaging its defence mechanisms and slicing its guests to bits.


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One Response to “N002 The End of The World”

  1. Davis | @ShrubThe

    I actually loved this story. I’m not sure how many people do, but looking back on it, it perfectly represents what Doctor Who is: Time Travel, Aliens, and saving everyone.

    This episode has so many diverse aliens, it’s hard not to be amazed. In fact, it’s one of few episodes where the supporting cast doesn’t include anyone who looks like a human. I know Lady Cassandra is supposed to be a human, but she doesn’t look anything like one. Also, this episode is one of the more humorous episodes of the 9th Doctors tragically short run. One line that really stands out is the traditional ballad on an iPod. When in reality, Britney Spears was playing on a jukebox. Also, it introduces the TimeWar for the first time.

    Overall, this episode was “fantastic” (I’m so original). I like this episode more than I like Rose. It wasn’t quite as awe-inspiring as the first episode, though, because it wasn’t the first episode I had ever seen. So I’m rating it at a 3.8. However, I need to give it a bonus point for introducing the Time War. My final score is a 3.9


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