N004 Aliens of London

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The Doctor takes Rose back to London and traumatises her mother, while flatulent aliens stage a coup.

The Doctor takes Rose back to London, to 12 hours after she left, he says. She’s quite pleased to be reunited with her mum again, and reasonably doesn’t even bring up her (ex) boyfriend, but soon realises that the Doctor somehow got it all wrong. A whole year has passed since she left, and this minor temporal hiccup has inadvertently traumatised all of her family and friends. Even Mickey (aka ‘Ricky’) has not gone unscathed, in that everyone assumed he was a murderer (despite, one might assume, a thorough police investigation determining the contrary) and he consequently never got laid again.

And then, just as matters appear to be equalising, a UFO crash-lands in the Thames, the country is put on high alert, and some weirdo minister is made temporary Prime Minister in the actual (spoilers: murdered) PM’s absence. It transpires, the new guy’s a fat, farting alien, and he and his entire family are taking over the country.


Harriet Jones to the rescue, please.



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  1. Ponken

    Hey there – In case you haven’t noticed, we received two spiffing minis for the combined saga of ‘Aliens of London’ and ‘World War Three’. We’ve listed both under the latter, so head of over to WW3 and check them out.
    Huge thanks to Gallifreyan Buccaneer and Davis (of The Davis Principle fame)!


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