Mickey Smith

Mickey (occasionally referred to on the podcast as Mickey-Ricky) can best be characterised by his relationship with fellow companion Rose Tyler, who effectively left him for the more charismatic and adventurous Time Lord. Mickey was not without his qualities, though, able to hack into any system with a one-word, lowercase, non-numerical password and now two-factor-authentication. He also seemed to end up fighting baddies with Martha Jones after his time in the TARDIS.

Podcast B036 The Tenth Doctor Retrospective > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Having watched and discussed all of the Tenth Doctor episodes, we hereby contemplate the highs and lows of not only the David Tennant era, but of an epoch defined by Russell T Davies

Podcast N055 Journey’s End > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

The Doctor abandons Rose with a genocidal Donna in Tennant-form and there’s no sign of The Shadow Proclamation anywhere!

Podcast N027 Doomsday > > > > > > > >

It’s Rose’s last episode (sort of), with Sarcastic Daleks, a Doc who doesn’t give a damn, and a Tyler family reunion

Podcast N020 The Age of Steel > > > > >

The Doc euthanises a young bride-to-be, tortures millions of people to death, and then Mickey and Jake go to France.

Podcast N019 Rise of the Cybermen > > > >

A crazy billionaire creates the Cybermen in a bizarro London, and alternate-universe-Mickey (aka Ricky) is really angry.

Podcast N018 The Girl in the Fireplace > > > > >

Clockword androids watch as the Doctor snogs a woman he met when she was a little girl. And then there’s a horse.

Podcast N017 School Reunion > > > > >

A glorious reunion with three Smiths, two tin dogs, and genetically modified gargoyles who are allergic to their own oil.

Podcast N014 The Christmas Invasion – The 2005 Christmas Special > > > > >

Tennant’s first proper episode as The Doctor, in which he sleeps a lot, Rose is inconsistent and aliens rock!

Podcast N011 Boom Town > > > >

The Doctor has dinner with the enemy, Mickey wants to cheat on his girlfriend, and no one seems to object to Cardiff Castle being demolished.