Raxacoricofallapatorians are a large, lumbering alien species, capable of compressing their bodies to fit inside human suits. That is, suits to make them look human, as opposed to suits normally worn by humans. They’re normally full of hot air, though, it seems, so a consequence of their chameleonic compression was that the air had to be let out somehow. Ipso facto, any episode featuring Raxacoricofallapatorians comes with a lot of fart jokes.

Podcast N011 Boom Town > > > >

The Doctor has dinner with the enemy, Mickey wants to cheat on his girlfriend, and no one seems to object to Cardiff Castle being demolished.

Podcast N005 World War Three > > > >

Part 2 of the farting aliens saga, in which The Doctor jeopardises Rose’s life and UNIT employs the dumbest password ever.

Podcast N004 Aliens of London > > > > >

The Doctor takes Rose back to London and traumatises her mother, while flatulent aliens stage a coup.