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Has it been half a century already? I joined über-fans Gina and JD to chat about the con, cosplay, panel talks and The Night/Day of the Doctor.

Sonic Boner Alert!

Ponken Gina JD WhoBackWhen Convention
Photo-bombed by Dalek #347

Who Back When stopped by the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration Convention in London and the post-con buzz won’t be going away for a while…
This marvellous WhoCon weekend, I (Ponken) met up with listeners and recurring contributors to the show, Gina and JD, and their respective husbands, Peter and Brendan, to marvel at seen-on-TV costumes, aliens props and Whovian cosplay.


Doctor Who costumes 50th convention WhoBackWhen
Alas no 8th or new-9th Doctor costume… Still, pretty fantastic.

Not to mention some fan-freaking-tabulous panel discussions:


Frazer Hines Deborah Watling Doctor Who WhoBackWhen
Frazer Hines (Jamie) and Deborah Watling (Victoria)


Carole Ann Ford William Russell Doctor Who WhoBackWhen
Carole Ann Ford (Susie) and William Russell (Ian)


Baker Davison McCoy Doctor Who Convention WhoBackWhen
Classic Doctor Panel, left to right: Sylvester McCoy, Nicholas Briggs, Colin Baker, Peter Davison and Tom Baker


Smith Coleman Moffat Doctor Who Convention WhoBackWhen
NuWho: Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Steven Moffat and some production dude, whose name eludes me at the moment.


And the VFX presentation, which while being pretty fun, was perhaps a bit too geared towards kids. Still, we did get to see a Dalek get blown up, so there’s really no need to complain, n’est pas? No pic there, sorry…


Night of the Doctor Screening Convention WhoBackWhen
And then, finally, watching The Day of the Doctor alongside 4,000 other Whovians. Brilliant.

AnyWHO, the following morning, Gina, JD and I met up for an intense, emotional and nerdtastic podcasting session about The Con, The Night of the Doctor and The Day of the Doctor.


Who Back When 50th Anniversary bonus episode JD Gina Ponken
Ménage à Who, left to right: JD, Gina, Ponken


Doctor Who Yeti Convention WhoBackWhen
The Yeti of this story…

Here you go.








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