Dr Elizabeth "Liz" Shaw

Intelligent, adventurous and a real match for The Doctor, Liz Shaw was perhaps ahead of her time. The 70s may not have been ready for a female secondary protagonist of her calibre. Thus, for all her agency and skill, she didn’t quite get the chance she deserved.

Podcast C054 Inferno > > > >

Disco Werewolves, Venusian Karate and yet another Drill-to-The-Centre-of-the-Earth spiel.

Podcast C053 The Ambassadors of Death > > > > >

More astronaut-cosplaying aliens, palpably inappropriate music, and foreign conspirators from foreign countries

Podcast C052 Doctor Who and The Silurians > > > > >

U.N.I.T. can’t decide whether to battle Global Warming, a flesh-eating virus, nuclear holocaust, dinosaurs or planet-usurping man-geckos.

Podcast C051 Spearhead from Space > > > > >

We get space quaffles, the mannequin challenge and some good old-fashioned tentacle porn in Pertwee’s first go as The Third Doctor