Harry Sullivan

Naval officer and Medical Doctor, Harry Sullivan, was a good sport, decent chap and miniature James Bond. In fact, there are more than a few references to 007 in his serials. Harry would fight baddies, infiltrate evildoers’ lairs and get into all sorts of scrapes, while having some intentionally sexist bants with Sarah-Jane and a very entertaining repartee with The Doctor.

Podcast C083 The Android Invasion > > > > > > >

Doc and Sarah match wits with finger-blasting androids and two walnuts from space planning to invade Earth

Podcast C080 Terror of the Zygons > > > > > > >

The trustee of the Golden Haggis Lucky Dip commands a lactating Loch Ness Monster in a bid to destroy the environment

Podcast C079 Revenge of the Cybermen > > > > > >

An imbecile, a Glitter Gun, and not the Seal of Rassilon

Podcast C078 Genesis of the Daleks > > > > > > > > >

Harry clambers into clam city and everyone’s a war criminal!

Podcast C077 The Sontaran Experiment > > > >

Doc & Co encounter South African astronauts, a Sontaran census taker and a sex booger

Podcast C076 The Ark In Space > > >

The combined knowledge of humanity is conveniently stored on microfilm, but Brundlefly would rather just eat it.

Podcast C075 Robot > > > > > >

An Einstein impersonator invents a growing robot capable of complex emotions and some entitled scientists direct it to commit robberies in Tom Baker’s debut serial as The Fourth Doctor.