Renegade Time Lord Morbius was a despotic madman who wanted to rule the world with an iron fist — or at the very least with a gigantic, cumbersome claw – and committed atrocities far and wide. The Time Lords of Gallifrey eventually executed Morbius for his crimes, placed him in a dispersal chamber and “atomised him to the nine corners of the universe”. Like any good foe, however, he managed to survive the ordeal, only to have his brain implanted into a giant monster body with a fishbowl for a head.

Podcast C084 The Brain of Morbius > > > > >

Despotic Time Lord Morbius is resurrected as a Fishbowl-Claw-Monster to… take over the universe?

Podcast A013 Sisters of the Flame & Vengeance of Morbius > > > > >

The Doctor and Lucie battle bionic centipedes, face the Sisterhood of Karn, and must stop the regeneration of Morbius.