N027 Doomsday

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It’s Rose’s last episode (sort of), with Sarcastic Daleks, a Doc who doesn’t give a damn, and a Tyler family reunion

This is a big one. It’s the continuation of proceedings laid out in N026 Army of Ghosts, the Season 2 finale, Rose’s last episode (for a while), and as The Tenth Doctor, Rose and Jackie are caught between Cybermen and Daleks, we’re primed for the inter-dimensional cage fight of the century.

Alas, it’s more let-down than smackdown. Instead, The Doctor ignores the millions of human lives lost to heartless cybernetics of one type or another, and bounces around telling us all about “Void Stuff”, which – spoilers – as The Drewd establishes in this episode, is a contradiction in terms.

Have a listen to this, our review of the Season 2 finale of the Doctor Who revival, and the episode that has us reaching for our hankies as we bid farewell to NewWho’s first companion, Rose.

Among other things, we’ll debate:

  • Rose’s acting talents
  • the value of those gravity-defying clamps
  • the Tyler family dynamics
  • the ethics of Jackie and parallel-Pete boning down
  • and – for the love of all that is good and pure in the universe – why the levers at Torchwood still don’t make any sense

And that’s not the half of it…


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  1. I’m glad Kay touched upon this already. It was a unit of time measurement first introduced in the non-canon Cushing film “Daleks Invasion of Earth 2050 A.D.” and has since featured, at least once, in DW audios featuring Daleks as well.


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