Pete Tyler

In our dimension, Pete Tyler was the absentee father of the first NewWho companion, Rose Tyler, and a bit of a trickster. The TARDIS team visited a parallel dimension, though, and found Pete Tyler to be an offspring-less industrial magnate, whose ex (Rose’s mum) had a dog called – wait for it – Rose. In the end, the three were united to form a new family. Standard.

Podcast N027 Doomsday > > > > > > > >

It’s Rose’s last episode (sort of), with Sarcastic Daleks, a Doc who doesn’t give a damn, and a Tyler family reunion

Podcast N020 The Age of Steel > > > > >

The Doc euthanises a young bride-to-be, tortures millions of people to death, and then Mickey and Jake go to France.

Podcast N019 Rise of the Cybermen > > > >

A crazy billionaire creates the Cybermen in a bizarro London, and alternate-universe-Mickey (aka Ricky) is really angry.

Podcast N008 Father’s Day > > >

Rose rescues her dead dad; Jackie is immortal; and in the end we forget that our hero is a cheating, lying, lousy husband.