Cult of Skaro

The Cult of Skaro comprised Daleks Sec, Jast, Thay and Caan were a secret order of Daleks intended to further the Dalek race by any means necessary. They answered to no one, not even the Dalek Emperor.

Podcast N033 Evolution of the Daleks > > > > > > >

The Human Dalek wants to put more Human in the Dalek Humans, and the Dalek Daleks disagree.

Podcast N032 Daleks in Manhattan > > > > > >

A sequence of “final” experiments, pig chaps, and what is ostensibly a Monoid with a Dalek for a hat.

Podcast N027 Doomsday > > > > > > > >

It’s Rose’s last episode (sort of), with Sarcastic Daleks, a Doc who doesn’t give a damn, and a Tyler family reunion

Podcast N026 Army of Ghosts > > > > > >

Giant levers, office romance, and apparently everyone’s OK with ghosts