Winston Churchill

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II, Winston Churchill was a brilliant politician and strategist, as well as – lesser known fact – a bit of a chauvinist and racist. He was portrayed on screen by Ian McNeice and in the fan audio drama ‘Operation Pandorica’ by our very own Drew Back When. Have a listen!

Podcast B048 Operation Pandorica, Part 4 > > > >

In the final part of Operation Pandorica, the adventure reaches its crescendo as the forces of good and evil all converge on our heroes.

Podcast B047 Operation Pandorica, Part 3 > > > >

In Part 3 of Operation Pandorica, Eileen makes new friends, Wilf and Rory gain an ally, and Braceface takes the plunge.

Podcast B046 Operation Pandorica, Part 2 > > > >

In Part 2 of Operation Pandorica, Eileen is headhunted for The War Office, Wilf goes to make peace with Rory, and an old foe rolls through town.

Podcast B045 Operation Pandorica, Part 1 > > > >

In Part 1 of our very first Doctor Who Audio Adventure, we meet Wilfred Mott, Eileen Dover and Rory the Roman during the London Blitz.

Podcast N063 Victory of the Daleks > > > >

The Doc helps Winston Churchill defeat Power Ranger Daleks with a Jammie Dodger