Bonus Episodes

Podcast B057 Sixth Anniversary Akhaten Blooper Reel

To commemorate the sixth anniversary of Who Back When, here are some of our tipsiest bloopers to date!

Podcast B056 Christmas-in-May Blooper Reel

Enjoy These Holly Jolly Bloopers and Behind-the-Scenes clips!

Podcast B055 The Snowmen Prequels > > > > > >

Just A Quick Pre-Christmas-Special-Christmas-Prequels-May-Christmas Chat

Podcast B054 Pond Life > > > > > >

We spend twenty minutes dissecting five minutes of webisode Who.

Podcast B053 Third Doctor Retrospective

Crushed velvet, Venusian Aikido and an incredible Doctor-Master pairing. We discuss Jon Pertwee’s run as The Third Doctor.

Podcast B052 Resolution (2019 New Year’s Special) & Series 11 retrospective > > > >

Daleks can regenerate, teleport and snatch bodies now. We discuss the 2019 New Year’s Special and take a look back at The Thirteenth Doctor’s first season of Doctor Who.

Podcast B051 Just A WhoBackWhen’ing Moment

Join us as we play another few rounds of Doctor-Who-themed ‘Just A Minute’

Podcast B050 The Operation Pandorica Blooper Reel

Reviews, bloopers and BTS of Operation Pandorica

Podcast B049 The Jodie Whittaker Debut > > > > >

She has arrived! Tune in to our in-depth conversation about Jodie Whittaker’s debut as The Thirteenth Doctor.

Podcast B048 Operation Pandorica, Part 4 > > > >

In the final part of Operation Pandorica, the adventure reaches its crescendo as the forces of good and evil all converge on our heroes.