Bonus Episodes

Podcast B040 Just A WhoBackWhen’ing Minute

For funsies — and as an homage and/or parody that is impervious to lawsuits (please) — we play a few rounds of Doctor-Who-themed ‘Just A Minute’

Podcast B039 The WBW Article Archives

Special Announcement: Doctor Who Articles and Essays welcome!

Podcast B038 The WBW Mailbag – Part 2

We rifle through our sacks again to present to you the majesty of “Mailbag Episode 2: The Refilling”

Podcast B037 Teasers and Tipsy Bloopies

We tease some of the upcoming Who Back When extravaganzas and follow up with the tipsiest bloopers in our podcast’s history.

Podcast B036 The Tenth Doctor Retrospective > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Having watched and discussed all of the Tenth Doctor episodes, we hereby contemplate the highs and lows of not only the David Tennant era, but of an epoch defined by Russell T Davies

Podcast B035 Fourth Anniversary Blooper Reel

Who Back When just turned Four Standard-Earth-Years Young!

Podcast B034 Introducing Marie

Marie recently joined Who Back When, and we herewith finally sit down to introduce her to you, Podcastland!

Podcast B033 OxCon II — The Oxford Comic Con 2017

We attended the second ever Oxford Comic Con, which alongside myriad cosplayers, gamers, comic book artists and nerds galore hosted The Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker!

Podcast B032 Class – The Doctor Who Spin-off

It’s a Whovian “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” with bits of “Captain Planet” and tentacle porn. We review the Doctor Who spin-off, CLASS.

Podcast B031 Breaking News: Capaldi Leaving Doctor Who

We speculate on the reasons for Peter Capaldi’s departure from Doctor Who in 2017, and pick some of our favourite candidates for the role of The Thirteenth Doctor.