Bonus Episodes

Podcast B080 Ninth Anniversary Blooper Reel

Join us for some celebratory bloopers, Podcastland!

Podcast B079 The Fifth Doctor Retrospective > > > > > >

We pour one out for the Fifth Doctor and reminisce about some of the highs and lows of his marvellous era

Podcast B078 Twelfth Doctor Retrospective

Terrific story arcs and eyebrows to knock your spatiotemporal socks off. We discuss Peter Capaldi’s run as The Twelfth Doctor

Podcast B077 Eve of the Daleks — The 2022 New Year’s Day Special > > >

Love blossoms between a terrible businesswoman and an obvious serial killer in the last Holiday Special of the Whittaker Era

Podcast B076 New Year’s Bloopers

It’s been a tough year for mankind, but we got through it together and a lot of laughs made it all the more bearable

Podcast B075 Doctor Who: Flux, Part 1 — Instant(ish)Reaction Review > > > > > > > > >

Too much action, too little plot, or exactly the right measure of either? And what did we think of the Full Metal Jacket Potato? We react instant(ish)ly!

Podcast B074 Fourteenth Doctor and Next Showrunner Speculations

Who might The Fourteenth Doctor and next showrunner be? We sat down for some in-depth speculation and dream casting

Podcast B073 Time Fracture | Immersive Theatrical Adventure – Review

Save all of time and space with the Doctor in this immersive theatrical adventure!

Podcast B072 Eighth Anniversary Blooper Reel

Holy Moly, Who Back When just turned 8 years young! 

Podcast B071 Fourth Doctor Retrospective

A scarf, a robot dog, and some of the most fun ever. We discuss Tom Baker’s run as The Fourth Doctor.