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Daleks can regenerate, teleport and snatch bodies now. We discuss the 2019 New Year’s Special and take a look back at The Thirteenth Doctor’s first season of Doctor Who.

What-ho, Podcastland!

Hope the ever decreasingly new year is off to a good start for you all. We’re kicking off our 2019 run after a slightly extended holiday break with this magnificent bonus episode covering not one, but TWO wonderful Doctor Who topics!


Resolution — the 2019 New Year’s Special

Inefficient robbers leave a third of a Dalek in a burlap satchel and ~1100 years later two archaeologists embarking on an awkward office romance accidentally revive it because it turns out Daleks can now regenerate when subjected to UV rays.

Meanwhile, Team TARDIS is binging on intergalactic New Year’s celebrations when they pick up a signal through space and time of the aforementioned Dalek regeneration and decide to intervene.

It’s a decent Reboot Dalek, but is it a good Dalek Reboot? Have a listen as we dissect this enjoyable albeit not particularly well-crafted episode of Doctor Who.


Series 11 Retrospective

The Thirteenth Doctor and her new companions have been travelling across time and space for a season and a special now. Thus, we took the opportunity to discuss:

  • How do we feel about Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor? Have our opinions changed since we first discussed The Woman Who Fell To Earth?
  • How is Chibnall doing?
  • The new production team received a lot of hate online. Do we agree with any of it?
  • What do we think of the Series 11 episodes — thumbs up or thumbs down?

What are you waiting for? Listen right away and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

And while you’re at it, check out the latest instalment of For Your Consideration by Kyle Rath in the blog, It’s About Time, as Kyle offers up his own thoughts on Series 11, *ahem… for your consideration.

Here's what you think 2 Responses to “B052 Resolution (2019 New Year’s Special) & Series 11 retrospective”
  1. Jim The Fish

    Ok so I was looking forward to this one…sadly like most of series 11, it let me down

    • no title sequence
    • crowbarring the obligatory gay character in who was only onscreen for 30secs. As a gay person myself, this is bad representation, not that I care or need to see myself in media but some news sites have been complaining that it was anti-gay.
    • Yaz was a bigger spare part in this episode than any used for the Dalek
    • I expected Ryan’s dad to be a deadbeat or something but he’s a calm collected engineer who’s bartering microwaves for some reason

    So the Dalek:

    • Can’t stop a bunch of Iron-Age warriors
    • Can beat modern armed forces with a travel machine made of farmyard scrap
    • But can’t kill a bunch of people running towards it?

    The new years special highlighted how fucking stupid the new doctor is:

    • learns the dalek is a scout dalek that finds worlds for the daleks to conquer
    • wants to stop the dalek from contacting its people and bringing an invasion fleet
    • before that she wanted it to leave, whereby it would then tell its people about Earth and it would be invaded

    • dalek is attached to Ryans dad
    • takes dalek to surprise black hole and opens the door while its still attached
    • oh no! i didn’t think about the fact it was attached!!

    Just watched the first episode of Robot

    • Episode budget was clearly £2.50
    • More convincing and better scripted than all of S11
    • Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen showed more talent and personality in one episode than Whittaker and team TARDIS did in a 10 hour series

    But people say “Just give it time, they’re still settling in to the role…”

    Best episode of the series 1.9/5


    The series had biggest ratings loss (4.52 million) in a single season and aired on a Sunday with less ratings competition. Back down to Capaldi numbers, I can’t imagine how bad it would have been if it aired on a Saturday

  2. Kyle Rath | @sinistersprspy

    Introducing the Who Back When New Year’s Resolution Cocktail

    First, take a healthy amount of Christmas Spirit, and chuck it out the door.

    Wait about seven days.

    In first third of a 65 minute sized cup, mix in equal parts intrigue, terror and creepyness.

    Find the nearest Roman soothsayer or Shan Shenise Fortune Teller and have them point out that “There’s something on your back”. Then chuck the contents out with the Christmas Spirit.

    Coat the rim of the cup with the salty tears of deadbeat Dad nobody cared about. Fill it with all the goodness that was Grace, and have a little cry.

    At this point, remind yourself that Yaz is a trainee Cop.

    Cover the cup in some rusty discarded parts “from some warehouse”. Stick it in the microwave. No wait, I mean the oven. No wait, I mean the giant fuck-off magnet. Or whatever.

    While you are waiting, make a lame Brexit joke, pissing all over a picture of Kate Stewart.

    Stir it with a snazzy little bit of holographic “say hi to your mother for me”, and park it in a building that clearly demonstrates strong and stable leadership, in lieu of some other obvious communications hub.

    Splash in some young love, and wrap it in a rainbow.

    2.8/5 Daleks were almost scary AF again. You done messed up, A-A-Ron! #KateStewartisagoddamnedtreasure #HaveImentionedhowmuchIloveGraham #BTTowerisaDalekWeapon

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