Melanie Bush

Podcast N178 The Giggle > > > > > > > > > > > >

The Toymaker temporarily relinquishes his confounding mock-German accent while lip-syncing to Spice Girls in Stark Tower for the conclusion of the 60th Anniversary Specials

Podcast B089 The Seventh Doctor Retrospective > >

Having reviewed all the the Classic TV serials, we sit down with cocktails and a guest expert for a look back on the tragically brief Seeeeventh Doctor Era.

Podcast C151 Dragonfire > > > > >

The 3,000-year-old supervisor of a shopping mall uses a hypnosis doubloon to recruit henchmen in a serial that channels iconic moments from 80s cinema.

Podcast C150 Delta and the Bannermen > > > > >

A monarch fleeing genocide hides among alien tourists at a Welsh Butlin’s where no one reacts to her green baby

Podcast C149 Paradise Towers > > >

Doc and Mel B dodge senior citizen cannibals and team up with colour-coded girl gangs against the fascists standing in their way of a swimming pool

Podcast C148 Time and The Rani > > > > > > > > >

The Rani implements a convoluted stratagem and the Seventh Doctor skips over plot holes in his debut serial

Podcast C147 The Ultimate Foe (Trial of a Time Lord: Part Four) > > > > >

The Valeyard’s true identity revealed, a surprise Master appearance, and a trial finale that would not hold up in court

Podcast C146 Terror of the Vervoids (Trial of a Time Lord: Part Three) > > > > >

A WHO-dunnit with provocative space plants that flounders a little in the mystery department