Clara Oswald

“The Impossible Girl”, Clara Oswald appeared in many different forms throughout The Doctor’s adventures after splintering herself across his time stream. Clara was a heroic problem solver, ready to thrust herself head-first into almost any adventure. She later went into semi-retirement and worked as a teacher at Coal Hill School, which Susan Foreman attended years before, before entering into a relationship with Danny Pink.

Podcast N101 Nightmare in Silver > > > > >

Inconsistently modernised Cybermen and a wax statue of Matthew Broderick

Podcast N100 The Crimson Horror > > > > > >

Doc investigates trouble at mill and gets marinated by a prehistoric leech in a Yorkshire red light district

Podcast N099 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS > >

Time Zombies, a not-quite-paranoid-enough android and a big friendly button

Podcast N098 Hide > >

A seemingly haunted house, a Metabilis-3 crystal and creepy Cronenbergs all add to the ambiance

Podcast N097 Cold War > >

A submarine’s under siege in this reimagining of Brendan Fraser’s “Encino Man”

Podcast N096 The Rings of Akhaten > > > > > > >

A space girl fails to hit the apocalyptic snooze button and only Clara’s backstory can save the day

Podcast N095 The Bells of Saint John > > >

Definitely-not-a-monk invites newish companion Clara Oswald into his snog box

Podcast N094 The Snowmen – The 2012 Christmas Special > > > > > > > > > > >

Mary Poppins moonlights as Eliza Doolittle and The Great Intelligence feeds countless labourers to his carnivorous snowmen

Podcast N089 Asylum of the Daleks > > > > > > >

Dalek zombies, vegan-friendly soufflés and Democracy of the Daleks!

Podcast B041 Twice Upon A Time – The 2017 Christmas Special > > > > > > > >

Two doctors refuse to regenerate, then get into some scraps, then regenerate after all. It’s pretty great.