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A submarine’s under siege in this reimagining of Brendan Fraser’s “Encino Man”

It’s 1983 and precisely two Western pop songs have made it across the Iron Curtain to Professor Grisenko, a self-proclaimed mammoth specialist along for the ride in a Soviet sub because it’s less sad, sopping and sunless than the Violence of Summer in Siberia.

However, his prying protégé Piotr cares nothing for proper lab protocols and gets busy with his blowtorch below decks until the perplexing ice package has Come Undone. Meanwhile, Captain Zhukov is struggling to keep Wild Boy Lieutenant Stepashin from blowing up Rio, or possibly Burning The Ground of all Planet Earth.

In plop Doc and Clara. All She Wants Is to visit Las Vegas at the seamiest, seediest point in its history but instead they’re forced to match wits with the Notorious Skaldak, Mars’ greatest ever hero in a whole shell who’s looking to break his five-thousand-year cold streak with A View To A Kill.

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