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Happy New Year! Here’s a glimpse at some of the bits that didn’t go quite as planned

What-Ho, Podcastland! 

Hope you’re enjoying a sensational holiday season and looking forward to the most decadent of New Year’s celebrations! 

It’s been an eventful and momentous year. We FINALLY caught up with famous-TV-show-we-all-really-really-like Doctor Who, after over 10 years of podcasting about it. Yep, indeed, we haven’t uploaded reviews of the latest three episodes yet, but fret not, Who Back When Phase 2 is well underway, and we’ll return very soon with reviews of the remaining 60th Anniversary Specials as well as of Ncuti’s first Christmas adventure. Can’t wait! :) Phase 2 also promises a tonne of other stuff. There may be the odd review here and there, and we have at least two audio adventures, possibly three, coming up soonish.

But in the meantime, here are some of our traditional New Year’s bloopers, along with an enormous Hug to say thanks, Podcastland, for being some of the best people in all of Time and Space. 

Happy New Year!! 

Catch you in 2024.



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