Join us as we reflect on a ten-year trip down that temporal road

We set out, a little over a decade ago, to review all of TV Doctor Who, and now that we’ve finally accomplished that mission, we figured it was time for a slightly different and more introspective kind of Bonus Retrospective.

This is Part 1, in which Marie, Jim, Drew and Leon sit down to commemorate this momentous occasion and discuss how the show changed over the course of ten years (and how we changed along with it); some of the highs and even lows; how on Earth we all got started on this podcast in the first place; and of course what a joy it’s been to befriend Podcastland along the way.

Part 2 will be recorded later this week and feature a slightly different cast, so stay tuned for that.

Thank you, All, for lending us your ears and for travelling down that temporal road with us.


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