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Join us for an evening of discussing, debating and flat-out fawning over the utterly sensational Eighth Doctor

The Eighth Doctor may only have had one movie, but he has undeniably carved out a niche in the time vortex all his own with myriad audio adventures, the odd appearance in NewWho (The Night of The Doctor, The Power of The Doctor), even popping up in The Five(ish) Doctor Reboot, and of course in in every Whovian’s heart.

Tune in, as Leon is joined by extra-special guest, Peter Zunitch — The Zunemeister himself! — for a super nerdy and rather boozy soirée of dissecting The Eighth Doctor’s continuing era.

Here's what you think 2 Responses to “B090 The Eighth Doctor Retrospective”
  1. Izaak | @msmonsteradams

    I thought I’d missed my chance to review the Movie but good news for me, I can do a retrospective!

    It’s a great film! He’s an awesome Doctor! Anyway, he shines on Big Finish. He’s the best audio Doctor.

    Awards time!

    Best movie: the Movie

    Best TARDIS interior of all time: gosh that TARDIS is sick. I love how lived-in it feels! Makes every other TARDIS interior look like shit.

    Best wobbly window award: the wobbly window from the Movie

    Err best online minisode: Night of the Doctor

    Gosh 250 words is a lot isn’t it? Award: errr umm the bit where he does his pre-run little excited stamping was super adorable?

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