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Join us for an evening of discussing, debating and flat-out fawning over the utterly sensational Eighth Doctor

The Eighth Doctor may only have had one movie, but he has undeniably carved out a niche in the time vortex all his own with myriad audio adventures, the odd appearance in NewWho (The Night of The Doctor, The Power of The Doctor), even popping up in The Five(ish) Doctor Reboot, and of course in in every Whovian’s heart.

Tune in, as Leon is joined by extra-special guest, Peter Zunitch — The Zunemeister himself! — for a super nerdy and rather boozy soirée of dissecting The Eighth Doctor’s continuing era.

Here's what you think 4 Responses to “B090 The Eighth Doctor Retrospective”
  1. Izaak | @msmonsteradams

    I thought I’d missed my chance to review the Movie but good news for me, I can do a retrospective!

    It’s a great film! He’s an awesome Doctor! Anyway, he shines on Big Finish. He’s the best audio Doctor.

    Awards time!

    Best movie: the Movie

    Best TARDIS interior of all time: gosh that TARDIS is sick. I love how lived-in it feels! Makes every other TARDIS interior look like shit.

    Best wobbly window award: the wobbly window from the Movie

    Err best online minisode: Night of the Doctor

    Gosh 250 words is a lot isn’t it? Award: errr umm the bit where he does his pre-run little excited stamping was super adorable?

  2. Ben O'Neill (Tanz Sixfingers)

    Just a few comments about things you said.
    I have read a lot more books with the Eighth Doctor than heard the audios, however I do remember hearing one that takes place on a dirigible. I read a novel (The New Adventures) called Vampire Science, and in that book, the Doctor gets a haircut, and he keeps his hair short after that. I remember reading an interview with Paul McGann after RTD brought the show back, and he said he was jealous of Christopher Ecclestone’s look, saying he wished he’d had the short hair and leather jacket. He wore a wig for the movie and hated it, and was upset he had to wear it for appearances.
    I only knew of Frobisher from the comic (I think the one in DW Magazine) but it was stories with the Sixth Doctor. I didn’t know he was a shape shifter; I found it very odd the Doctor was travelling with a talking penguin.
    Likewise, I only knew Bernice Summerfield from the New Adventures books featuring the Seventh Doctor. I hadn’t known she traveled with Eight as well. There are so many more I need to read, and to listen to.
    I knew they did the New Adventures novels with the Seventh Doctor up until the Movie came out, and then the switched to the Eighth Doctor to keep it in synch. However, the first novel (The Eight Doctors, by Terrence Dicks) has him falling into a trap left by the Master inside the TARDIS, and he loses all his memories, and the TARDIS takes him to visit each of his incarnations, in order, so he can get his memories restored. In the process, he gets some advice from them or interferes with their (his) timelines just a little bit, so by the time he is done, he’s not exactly the same as he was in the TV Movie. One line from this book was actually used later, in The Night of the Doctor. It was when he was roaming around UNIT during the Third Doctor’s time, and I think he encounters Sgt. Benton, and he says, “I’m the Doctor, but probably not the one you are expecting.”
    There was one other thing you mentioned, about the Doctor’s age. I remember hearing that during the Eighth Doctor’s time, he was stranded without the TARDIS for either 80 or 800 years, but I can’t find the reference to that. I know there is a series of audio books called Stranded, but I don’t think they were there for that length of time.

    • Peter Zunitch

      Hi Tanz,
      In my defense I will say that you are probably right about everything you’ve said! I probably read the wiki pages and story summaries incorrectly and twisted a ton of facts.Apologies for any undue stress or confusion.

      On that note. It was John, not Ian. Apparently I get actors mixed up with composers when spiked beverages are involved.

      Keep the corrections coming! Either I’m a hack who didn’t do proper prep, or a genius who wanted to stir up controversy just so people would feel obliged to write in. I’ll let you decide (it’s the first one by the way.)

      Thanks again to Leon and the rest of WBW for having me on. So honored.

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