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We’re joined by legendary Whovian, jD, as we continue our trip down that temporal road

We continue our trip down the temporal road that is memory lane in Part 2 of our Who Back When Retrospective.
(If you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, what are you waiting for?!)

This time, Drew and Leon were joined by former co-host and perpetual legend, jD, to talk some of the best and worst of 60 years of Doctor Who, share podcast/docpast memories and generally just catch up.

Fret not, while this is the end of Who Back When as we know it, it’s not quite the end of Who Back When overall. We will continue to drop ad hoc episodes, starting with reviews of the imminent 60th anniversary specials, and there is plenty of Bonus content in the pipeline.

Thank you again, Podcastland, for being your fabulous selves!


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