The Podcast (or DocPast)

Podcast B029 The Return of Doctor Mysterio – The 2016 Christmas Special  > > >

Brains in jars, a squeaky interrogation toy and the DC and Marvel Universes collide in this Doctor Who Christmas Special

Podcast B028 The 2016 Xmas Blooper Reel

As per tradition, ecce the Who Back When Xmas Bloopers!

Podcast N046 The Sontaran Strategem > > > > >

A maniacal not-quite-Zuckerberg-or-Hugo-Drax-clone creates killer TomToms and hotboxes the elderly

Podcast C049 The Space Pirates > >

The Doctor is aided by a space yokel from the Wild West while a pirate in a medieval spacesuit and a lady in a metal wig try to trap him

Podcast N045 Planet of the Ood > >

Slavery, Overacting and some Seriously Good Writing in this Cerebral New Who Episode

Podcast C048 The Seeds of Death > > >

Another alien invasion, killer foam, moon base, homing beacon, elderly professor, space museum and aristocrat representing the UN. Basically, it’s great.

Podcast N044 The Fires of Pompeii > > >

It’s Volcano Day in Pompeii and Peter Capaldi appears as the pater familias of the Cambridge Latin course while Karen Gillan worships freaking lava monsters!!

Podcast C047 The Krotons > > > >

A society comprising myriad chaps with matching axes and one single woman faces off against homicidal moka pots who secretly attempt to mate with their brain waves

Podcast N043 Partners in Crime > >

Donna’s years of waiting for her favourite genocidal maniac finally come to an end, and half of us rejoice.

Podcast C046 The Invasion > > > > > > >

Raunchy photoshoots, the return of UNIT and a Cyberman plan as epic as it is absurd