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Half an hour of uninformed, exuberant rambling about what The Power of The Doctor MIGHT be about

Holy Moly, as this episode drops into your earballs, The Power of The Doctor, the Whittaker and Chibnall Doctor Who finale, is a mere two days away from airing. And while we will of course be providing an Instant(ish) Reaction Review of it the day after the premiere, we thought we’d have some fun predicting what it’s going to be all about.

Thus, here is about half an hour of exuberant rambling, in which we expound our theories, hopes and aspirations for this upcoming, era-concluding regeneration extravaganza. Among other things, we deliberate:

  • Into whom will The Thirteenth Doctor regenerate?
  • What’s The Master up to?
  • Is this going to be a Multi-Doctor story?
  • What’s the role of the Classic Who companions?
  • And what are the different planets in the trailer?

Perk your ears, dearest Podcastland, and revel in our uninformed prattling. Are we right? Are we wrong? Are the potential plot points we’re proposing perfectly preposterous, prodigious or passable?

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