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Seven of eight hosts from across nine years of Who Back When assembled for our 400th Episode to discuss the State of the Whonion

Sweet Buttery Moses, our humble podcast has been around for 400 episodes! To celebrate this milestone event, we assembled (nearly) every single person who has hosted Who Back When over the past 9 years to discuss the State of the Whonion. It obviously descended into chaos. Among other things, though, we discussed:

  • Jodie Whittaker’s run as The Thirteenth Doctor
  • The casting of Ncuti Gatwa as The Fourteenth Doctor
  • The Return of The Tenth Doctor, Donna and Wilf
  • The Return of The Toymaker
  • The Return of RTD
  • Chibnail’s legacy
  • And always bringing a banana to a party

There was also a lengthy conversation about rooftop cats that will have to wait until a forthcoming Blooper reel.

A minor apology is also in order, as the sound quality is not quite optimal here: our Oxford-based audio interface broke, so we had to rely on a mixer that already broke years ago instead. Very sorry about that. If you’re new to WBW, you may want to pick a regular review to start with instead. :)

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