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Sweet Buttery Kablammos, we’ve been DocPasting for a decade!!!

Sweet Buttery Kablammos, we’ve been DocPasting for a decade!!!

Thank you for lending us your ears, dearest Podcastland. We never would have made it this far without your friendship and support.

Our journey down this temporal road is very nearly over, and we’ll no doubt release a proper celebratory banter session to deliberate our decade of docpasting when we’re all caught up. In the meantime, please accept these traditional Anniversary Bloopers.



PS: Omg, TEN years!!!

Here's what you think 2 Responses to “B088 Tenth (10th!!) Anniversary Bloopers”
  1. Benjamin O'Neill

    I am so happy to have made your blooper reel again!! Sorry about the OCD trigger with my social media handle Jim. It’s even worse that it’s actually the word Six on both. I’m not sure how that got mistaken. It’s only on my email that it has the number 6.

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