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Join us for some celebratory bloopers, Podcastland!

Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday, dear Who Back Wheeeeeen… Happy Birthday to us!

Holy Moly, has it been nine years already? Feels like we started this show only yesterday.

As is tradition here at WBW Studios, we’re dropping some Bloopies-and-Behind-the-Scenes apples into your ear baskets to enjoy put on your teacher’s desk and/or enjoy on a picnic in the sunny forest glade of your auditory landscape. Hmm, not sure where that metaphor was heading, but there’s no turning back now, because—Wowsers!—we’re entering the final year of our first decade.

A huge Thank You to all of you out there in Podcastland, for listening to our ramblings, and for being so supportive and kind throughout the years!

Rock on and Ciao-Ciao for now!


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